Know yourself!

The process of researching and defining one’s own potential with the support of tools such as personality tests and the accompaniment of a coach.

As a result, you will develop a written analysis of your predispositions and weaknesses resulting from nature and circumstances that may support you, but also limit your further development.

What is included in the “Potential study” step:

  • Work on increasing self-awareness on the basis of selected tools, i.e. the VIA Strengths survey, the MBTI 16 personality test, the metaprograms test, the communication styles test, optionally the emotional intelligence and spiritual sensitivity test
  • Summary of conclusions using the Personal SWOT Analysis tool (map of strengths, areas for development, opportunities and threats)
  • 2 on-line coaching sessions x 90 minutes


Investment value: 600 PLN *

*all prices are gross prices (VAT exemption)