Find your way!

The process of defining the overarching goal in life from the perspective of a life and professional role, accompanied by a coach. It is a deep insight into yourself, your identity and values, as well as a reflection on your natural predispositions and passion to discover the meaning of your life.

As a result, you will receive a life mission defined in one sentence along with a description of the vision of its implementation from the perspective of the near and distant future.

What does the “Life Mission” step cover:

  • 5 stages that integrate work on the general context of the present life, the influence of the past on life choices and beliefs, awareness of natural predispositions and passions, as well as the image of an ideal life within a defined overarching goal
  • 5 on-line coaching sessions x 90 minutes with all materials


  • The process also includes mandatory tasks for own work (homework) and assumes maximum intervals between sessions of 14 days


Investment value: 1500 PLN *

*all prices are gross prices (VAT exemption)