Who am I?

I help others to find their own way, in harmony with self and the calling

Before I became a coach and trainer, for 15 years I developed intensively as a leader in business. I managed sales in local and global companies such as UNILIN FLOORING (MOHAWK), DECORA and IKEA. In the latter, I created and implemented a development plan for leaders in the era of transformation at the national level.

It was at IKEA that I experienced the GALLUP strength test, which was an impulse to change the further path of professional development. I went through a process of transformation not only in terms of my professional career, but also my own identity.

Now I help others to increase their self-awareness and find their way, which is the sum of natural talents, passion and calling. I created a program that is based on 3 proven steps to live and work in harmony with self. The result is to unleash one’s own potential and to live and work with a sense of meaning.

I invite you to an extraordinary journey into yourself to fully use your potential, for self and others.

Get to know yourself, find your way and follow it!

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