Everyone has their own… and the way, and the mission. Małgorzata invited me to explore it. Was I ready for this journey and the accompanying emotions and experiences? Certainly not. Who among us is ready for “inner transformation” and delving into ourselves, while our daily life itself is filled with a mass of sensations and intensity of actions. This was additionally compounded by: lack of faith in the possibility of changing the current state of quo and the voice appearing in the mind: “certainly it is nor a right moment”. And yet, when the process began, I wanted to stay in it as long as possible. It was a long time ago I was so close to myself. Thanks to the proposed exercises, intriguing homework and often used metaphors, I started to fully believe in my potential and “regained” the self-confidence. Professionally, I have introduced large amounts of peace and inner harmony to my work, while constantly presenting a dynamic form of task implementation and cooperation with others. A new dimension has taken on the meaning of “respect” not only for others, but also for oneself. I now learn to interpret the word “leader” every day, more often “stopping”, listening and looking at others. The result of the process is a specific, internal “signpost” indicating the next, concrete steps that I am already implementing, while experiencing and following “my path”. If you missed yourself, want to look at yourself and the way you act from a different perspective, or just feel like it’s time for the next chapter of your life, I encourage you to take this adventure.

Agnieszka Witkowska

HR Business Partner, Coach, Senior Manager, PwC Polska

Working with Małgorzata as part of my development, I had the opportunity to stop and break away from everyday duties, to explore my known and unknown talents. This time full of reflection and self-knowledge, I would call a great inner journey that resulted in self-awareness. It highlighted the strengths and allowed me to get to know the areas that can be improved and developed thanks to clear guidelines or tools learned in this process. It was self-awareness and better self-knowledge that was the biggest driving force for me this year, significantly affecting the quality of life in the private and professional sphere. During the trip with Małgorzata, I learned to understand others even better, but also to understand how my words and behavior affect the other person. I became a confident and self-aware leader, directing my life and career. Thanks to joint work, I made the necessary decisions and actions that resulted in promotion and change of my current professional path. This change has rekindled the fire of desire and need for further development that lies dormant in each of us, which is why I continue the journey started a long time ago with my best mental companion, which is Małgorzata.

Michał Wesołowski

Logistic Commercial Support Manager, IKEA Group

Together with Gosia, we went through the process of creating the life mission completing it several months ago. I will not exaggerate saying that meetings with Gosia were for me the biggest change in my life, both professional and personal. Thanks to the holistic and deep process, I understood what kind of leader I am today and what I aim at. After a few months of work, I definitely raised my self-esteem in the role, not losing humility and constant reflection on the impact of my actions on others at the same time. Today, I am a leader who definitely listens more, acts for others and is more successful in achieving goals than before. The effects of cooperation with Gosia are very measurable. I have started to work on a high national leadership position in the global organization, fulfilling myself not only as a sales leader, but also as a leader for people. In leadership, honesty with self, self-awareness, humility, courage in being authentic are top important, and all this I rediscovered while going through the developing process with Gosia. There was a lot of laughter, even more reflection, but also tears of emotion. I recommend working with Gosia to any leader who cares about understanding the role, the power of influencing others, but also to anyone who wants to discover the life mission. The compass in making decisions in the professional and personal live.

Agnieszka Maćkowiak

Country Business Leader, IKEA Group

The way Małgorzata leads us through the path to discovering the mission is incredibly thoughtful and prepared. She is flexible in the selection of exercises, their scope and further steps. If you are looking for the process to find your way, if you need a professional guide on the path to reach these discoveries – do not hesitate.


The corporate world has built the stereotype of a leader – strong, charismatic, always right. The pace of life in the twenty-first century limits the time for reflection and development in accordance with its character and values. Małgorzata combines business and managerial experience with coaching knowledge. This unique combination means that during the process you will take care of your personal development and improve efficiency at work. In my case, discovering the key values that guide me and creating a life mission has allowed me to become a more effective leader who leads in harmony with myself. It does not matter if you are a first-time manager or a leader with extensive experience – Małgorzata will adjust the process to your needs and help you take the next step in development.

Andrzej Sadecki

Andrzej Sadecki, Head of Sales IKEA Poland

Let’s be honest, self-development is very hard and endless work. Ups and downs. In addition, it is not easy to meet someone like that on your way who would guide and help you, facing your unlimited ambitions and dreams, while fighting against everyday routine, laziness, eternal lack of time. Gosia is a development leader, passionate about deep contact with people, who with pastries on her face is looking for ideas for you to make a career. A career like you wants, though you may not yet know what you actually want. We have gone through the path of my leadership together as head of the department. Our (working) group was diverse in almost every respect (I think the only link can be called passions for sustainable development, besides, we had everything different). Many things surprised me, especially what I learned about myself and how I act at work, but also in everyday life. I had to name my weaknesses and answer the question whether I really want them to limit me further or if I prefer to build on strengths. In addition, I programmed the next steps internally. I am glad that I allowed Gosia to support me. If it were not for her polite stubbornness, I would still be running a bit like a hamster on a carousel. And look, I am doing well.

Katarzyna Dulko-Gaszyna

Corporate Sustainability Manager

The development plan with Gosia helped me to define the way of further development and career more precisely, as well as in setting a mission and vision. I learned a lot about myself, my strengths, and weaknesses, and how I can use my talents to execute my life plans. This allowed me to break down certain barriers and increase motivation in pursuing my goals. I assess the whole cooperation very positively. Gosia is a good and empathetic listener who can ask insightful and valuable questions. I believe that the process we have gone through together will pay off for years.

Marcin Tischner

Corporate Engagement & Sustainability Specialist, ProVeg Polska

Gosia is one of the best leaders and mentors I have worked with. She is an open and curious person. She can sense and bring out the talents of the people she works with. She listens carefully and builds relationships based on trust, thanks to which she can shorten the distance and infect with positive energy already at the first meeting. As a Coach and Sales Leader, she helped me a lot to believe in myself, gather my thoughts and build my plan. Thank you Gosia and I encourage you to cooperate!

Marta Kotarba

B2B Manager IKEA Center for Business, IKEA Group

The time spent with Gosia while searching for my way, leadership model and development was like Kitchen Revolutions! You seem to know self, you have a specific direction, it seems to you that everything is going well, and here Małgorzata comes in and rediscovers you – she redefines, chews, rummages, seasons, adds spice and sometimes “throws a pot” to wake you up. I can safely say that if it were not for Gosia I would not be so far away, both in terms of the development of self-awareness and leadership. Thank you!

Slawomir Jędrzejczak

Recruitment Consultant – Sales & Marketing, Micheal Page

Meeting and working with Małgosia is an experience that affects the whole life. Every sentence she utters is an inspiration, opens the perspectives have not been discovered and explored yet. It shows new horizons, making you think about self and your surroundings anew.

Malgorzata Kościesza

Senior HR Business Partner, BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A.

I did with Gosia the programs “Know yourself” and “Find your way”.
If you are a person like me who:

does not like coaching,
thinks that he knows himself well,
has control over his life,

And at the same time:
wants to know more about himself,
likes to talk to someone who does not “impose himself”,
someone who focuses on you and just talks to you,
accepts your beliefs

Make an appointment with Gosia for a coffee and just talk. Together you will look at you from a unique perspective.

? Thank you Gosia and I sincerely recommend.

Damian Łuczkowski

IKEA for Business Manager, IKEA Group

Gosia represents servant leadership. She always believed in people and helped people change for the better. What she does is due to her spiritual need and desire to help humans. I am grateful she helped me understand better myself, accept and fight for my own in the tough period of my life. She always believed in me and supported me. Thanks to her, I believed in myself and realized my dreams. Małgosia helped me understand that if someone thinks differently, it does not mean that it is bad, that in life you may accept otherness.

Magdalena Jasak

Owner Łapka

My best time in working on myself is the one Gosia inspired me to act at. Personal and professional development plan, great projects and achieving goals. All this meant I am not afraid of changes today, I believe in myself and thanks to Gosia I really learned a lot about myself. Phenomenal sessions, in a great atmosphere, helped me find my life mission. I will encourage everyone who would like to develop to contact Gosia. I think it’s all about her approach to the world and the people she just loves. In addition, much smile and warmth. Thanks, Gośka

Lukasz Żydkiewicz

Customer Advisor, Leroy Merlin

Gosia is a person who is very skillful in extracting talents from another person. He is a fantastic mentor who listens carefully and helps to draw interesting conclusions. I also had the pleasure of taking advantage of coaching sessions conducted by Gosia. An experience full of openness, mutual trust, and thought-provoking questions… The quality of the meetings responded to my needs and expectations. I highly recommend such an investment in your “I”.

Joanna Celusta

Illustrator / Trainer Visual Thinking, Cartoon Thought Factory

Malgorzata led me through the path of discovering the life mission. It was a wonderful time, full of discoveries and wow moments, understanding my professional past, putting things together and making good plans. Małgorzata is a supportive coach, full of love for other people, creating a climate of trust and closeness. I wish everyone to walk this path with her!

Aneta Orszewska


I have always believed that a good leader can only be a conscious and mature person. Someone you can discover your true talents in a sense of security and develop for the good of yourself and the organization with. Like a good parent who serves as an example to a child, but also opens doors and invites them to explore the world, a good leader feels the greatest satisfaction when his team achieves success, and its individual members gain new competences and experience. Sessions with Małgosia allowed me to discover and better understand my natural leadership talents and predispositions. It was a great journey into myself as a person and as a leader, which allowed me to integrate these two areas and ensure their harmonious development. And the life mission developed with Małgosia helps me change the world for the better.

Dorota Banaszak

Customer Experience Planning Leader, IKEA Group