What's your way?

I invite you to discover your potential and a unique way to live life to the full. For this purpose, I have created a proprietary program that includes 3 steps. Each of them is a separate stage that you can go through as a single development activity. By choosing to combine all 3 steps, you undertake a comprehensive development process.

It all depends on your needs and readiness. If you hesitate, we will definitely work together to find out which solution is best for you at the moment. For this purpose, arrange a free on-line consultation. If you already know what to choose, feel free to contact me in the way you prefer.

Pillars of Coaching

  1. Usability - each session or process consisting of several or a dozen or so sessions is based on the goal; the effect is to be a partial or complete achievement of this goal.
  2. Sense of influence - the defined goal as well as the conclusions developed are to be in the area of ​​influence of a session or process participant.
  3. Ecology - experience is supposed to bring positive emotions towards oneself and others, even if the issues raised during the session caused discomfort.

Elements of the development package

Choose the best one for you

Complete program in short

Chose the best option for You
2 sessions of 90 min

Know yourself!

Coaching 180 minutes
600 PLN*
Potential research
Specifying natural predispositions
5 sessions of 90 min

Find your way!

Coaching 450 minutes
1500 PLN*
Life mission
Defining the ultimate goal in life
2 sessions of 90 min

Follow your way!

Coaching 180 minutes
600 PLN*
Action plan
Formulation of action steps

Full 3-step development package - investment value: PLN 2,500 *

Each additional single session - PLN 300 *

*all prices are gross prices (VAT exemption)