How I Became A Coach

My Story

A man was an impulse. He was not a Professional Coach but he looked at people with full concentration and listened to them attentively. He also asked the right questions which provoked to look at the reality from different perspective and it all made them develop and show full potential. There was also a book which I bought in the second-hand bookshop for 5 PLN. The book was about creating a personal life mission and it appeared my life mission is not business’ development but Leaders in business’ development. In the meantime, there was also my talents’ evaluation which proved my natural potential sits in people’s development and possibility to work on the Leaders’ competences in big international company.

The inspiration to become a Coach came from the essay written by my colleague about coaching as the basic competence in the leadership of the future. Then everything went very fast. Participation in Business Coaching Diploma course, certification, practice and effects exceeding even my expectations. Now it is not my job anymore but my calling, it is my way.

I am a Certified Coach

My certificate

Why Servant Leadership?

My passion is Leaders’ development and the leadership type which is the best for a human in the role of a Leader, people a Leader influence on and an environment a Leader creates, with Business as well as People’s development in focus.

I have been a Servant Leader for last 3 years according to the methodology defined by Ken Blanchard. I have facts & figures to prove it is the leadership type which meets all the criteria mentioned above and gives extraordinary results both in Business and People development. It is not only my example but many other Leaders worldwide.

Despite natural predispositions, the process of becoming a Servant Leader demanded the transformation from me. Now I am supporting others who consciously chose the servant leadership type as the one they want to represent to work on the aspects as Emotional or Spiritual Intelligence.

If you want to become a Servant Leader, you are welcome to cooperate with me!